A Letter from Edwin Edwards:
Candidate for Congress

My name is Edwin Washington Edwards. I was born and raised in the state of Louisiana; a place I have proudly called my home. It’s always been clear to me that I could never live anywhere else. The traditions and the unique aspects of this region make my home a gumbo, filled with characters and personalities second to none.

For the past forty-one years, I have lived in Louisiana’s 6th District, and have come to appreciate all it has to offer. A few years ago, I made Ascension Parish my home. My beautiful wife, Trina, and I settled, along with her two children, Logan and Trevor. Trina and I recently added to our happy family with the arrival of our son Eli. My children, my grandchildren and many extended family members live within this district, and I have made myself conscious of what makes it tick.

I began my interest in politics and how to use it as a way to better communities at an early age. I served for eight years on the City of Crowley Council, one and one half years as a Louisiana State Senator and was elected to the United States Congress four times. I resigned only to take the position of Louisiana Governor, a position I was elected into and happy to serve for four terms. One of my greatest achievements is still having been the only Governor in Louisiana’s history to do so. I’m also one of only five governors in the United States to make that claim, and the only one still living. Throughout my career as a public servant, I also served a stint on the State Supreme Court, making me the only politician to ever serve in not only local, state and national government, but also the three branches of federal government: legislative, judicial and executive.

My interest in politics began early, and is still alive and well today. It would be a privilege to serve my state once again. It would be an honor to serve as Congressman. My aim, if elected, would be first and foremost to do right by the people of this state and this district. I’ve done it before and am more than capable of doing it again.


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